Digital branding 2023 / 2024


The LUZERN LIVE Festival was held for the first time in 2023, replacing the legendary Blue Balls Festival, which was held in a similar festival perimeter for many years. For digital communication, a partner was sought to help develop the branding and manage the digital channels.


In close collaboration with the client and studio bergerberg, we developed a logo with a high recognition value and defined how it should be used in the digital area. Promotional films, visuals and social media templates, which could be adapted independently by the festival staff, rounded off the package.

For 2024, 110 gave the festival a small facelift, which is now slowly being rolled out across all media channels.

Concept Maurin Crameri + Dominik Ruckli + studio bergenberg | Art Direction Dominik Ruckli + studio bergenberg + Maurin Crameri | Production Maurin Crameri + Gerado Vallentino | Camera Dylan Gonzalez + Luca Starce + Nando Lüscher + Alan Bossard | Post Production Dylan Gonzalez + Luca Starace

Motion Design
Graphic Design