Luzerner Kantonalbank

Flagshipstore - Experience


For the new customer hall at LUKB's headquarters, a representative world of experience for visitors was to be created. The experience should demonstrate LUKB's roots in Lucerne and its openness to innovation. Visitors were to be entertained by a large LED wall.


Our concept included the development of several scenarios in which visitors could discover the banking industry and the canton of Lucerne in an interesting way.

The so-called idle mode on the large LED wall shows life in various Lucerne city districts by day and night in a loop. Another screen uses simple sentences to encourage visitors to think and provides information about current events. At the heart of the project are three installations where visitors have to become active themselves. By pressing the first blue "action button", visitors learn interesting facts about the various places in the Canton of Lucerne that are not known to everyone. At the second station, visitors can refresh their personal financial knowledge with entertaining explanatory videos. At the last blue button, our little ones get their money's worth. In the Kids Corner, they can learn about the four seasons in a playful way with LUKB's mascot LUKI.

One last surprise is the nocturnal animal that is native to Lucerne. Have you spotted it yet?

Concept Maurin Crameri | Art Direction Andrew Bamford + Maurin Crameri | Production Gerardo Valentino + Michael Huonder | Camera Andrew Bamford + Alan Bosshard + Luca Starace | 3D Animation Roman Frei + VRFX | 2D Animation Noah Erni | Post Production Andrew Bamford + Alan Bossard + Nando Lüscher

Motion Design
Graphic Design
Sound Design