Since 1997, the globally active company maxon, headquartered in Sachseln (OW), has been significantly involved in the exploration of Mars, producing various motors, encoders and gearheads that have been used in eight NASA and ESA Mars probes to date. As part of the Mars campaign, we were asked to summarize maxon's part in the exploration of the Red Planet with a short and impressive animated film.


Each of the probes sent so far and future probes will be briefly introduced (in their "area of operation", Mars) and it will be made clear in pictures and text where maxon components are installed. The probes are shown in glass. This makes the inner workings visible and the components can be highlighted. The film ends with the conclusion that the products used are slightly modified standard maxon products and therefore do not only perform their tasks precisely and powerfully on Mars. Because as literally "out of the ordinary" as the Mars projects may seem, maxon's share in the exploration of our solar system is ultimately based on the extremely down-to-earth, solid quality of its standard products.

Conception 110 | Production Pascal Apostol | Art Direction Roman Frei | Motion-Design Roman Frei | 3D-Renderings Roman Frei | Graphic-Design Roman Frei |

Motion Design
Graphic Design
Sound Design