Schmidheiny Wineries



On behalf of Reform, we accompanied the Schmidheiny wineries in the Rhine Valley during a grape harvest. The aim was to film the process from the reading to the tasting.

The familiarization and getting to know the production process within a very short time was intense. A successful wine production depends on so many factors: The weather and the care during the year, the right timing for the grape harvest as well as the actual production process and finally the storage.

The biggest challenge was time: while the winery employees were doing their work, we had to capture all the steps from early in the morning until late after the last rays of sun. It was not a demonstration, but an accompaniment to their actual execution. Every move had to sit and every shot had to be perfect.


The cooperation with Reform but also with the Schmidheiny winery was very friendly. Despite the hectic and tension in the air due to the grape harvest, there was a pleasant atmosphere. The heart and soul and passion of each employee was evident.

These circumstances allowed us to create a dynamic film full of emotions. It highlights the long and accurate process, the dynamics between long preparation and care of the vines, the targeted reading of the grapes at the perfect moment. At the same time, it is also possible to see the tension under which the oenologist is during the intense months each year. Because the few weeks before the reading decide the taste, the sugar content, the perfect maturity of the wine and determine whether it will be a successful vintage.

Production Samuel Zihlmann | Art Direction Simon End | Director Simon End | Camera Luca Starace | Camera Assistant Lukas Schaller | Runner Lisa Emmenegger| Post-Production Luca Starace | Color Grading Mustafa Sert | Sound Design Neil Raouf

Sound Design