Green Village

Project synopsis

Introducing Montreal Green Village, a sustainable housing complex based in Geneva. At the core of our branding campaign is the idea that a home should be a sanctuary for families, a place where you can feel safe, authentic, and a part of a community. The art direction reflects this sentiment and we strived to create an identity that embodies the values ​​of family and community. When you move into Green Village, you're not just getting a new home, you're becoming part of something bigger. At the heart of this campaign, we ask the question: What makes a home so special?


Creating a film about the Green Village housing complex presented a unique challenge as the complex had not yet been built. The question was, how could we effectively promote something that doesn't yet exist? Our solution was to focus on the emotions and values ​​associated with the concept of home. Our goal was to capture the feelings of warmth, safety, and the joy of building a new home, and by highlighting the community-focused values ​​​​of Green Village we aimed to create a sense of excitement and intrigue among potential buyers.

Director Andrew Bamford | Camera Andrew Bamford | Camera Assistant Leon Orlando | Post Production Andrew Bamford | Color Grading Leon Orlando | Sound Design Shazam Studio