All-New Configuratior


Increasing acceptance of newly introduced software is a communication challenge. What can it do, when and for what purpose is it helpful, and how does it really work?

To establish the All-New Configurator, a product configurator with ordering options for process optimization in the value chain of Schindler Elevators, we were asked to produce an explanatory film about the function and the relevant stakeholders.


Since the software was already available in a beta version at the start of production, we were able to take a close look at its functionality. This research phase helped us to understand how to communicate the software and its benefits in a visually attractive and low-threshold way.

By using a real-case scenario to illustrate the operational touchpoints paired with futuristic visual effects for aesthetic persuasion, we were able to increase the acceptance of the internal stakeholders.

Production Simon End | Art Direction Simon End | Regie Simon End | Camera Yannick Röösli, Maurin Crameri | Camera Assistant Luca Schwarz | Post-Production Yannick Röösli | VFX & Compositing Roman Frei | Grafik Design & Motion Design Elia Salvisberg

Motion Design
Graphic Design
VFX & Compositing
Sound Design