Curaden Hydrosonic

Product Advertising


In this project, a particular focus was on the various effects with which the product cleans the teeth. There was a lot of challenge in this, because by their very nature, most of these effects on an electric toothbrush are either too extreme for the human eye or, just the opposite, too subtle. How do you show 700 oscillations per second when in the film you have gone through just 25 frames in the same time? How do you visualize a cleaning effect that takes place on a microscopic scale in the twisted shallows of the oral cavity? How do you stage thousands of fine bristles that on the one hand are supposed to gently follow the contours of the teeth and at the same time finish off the dirt with the full force of the vibration?


We worked out a clean, clear look to emphasize the cleaning power of the product. But also to elegantly circumvent the aesthetic problems of images from an oral cavity and the negative associations associated with them.

With elaborate physics simulations of water and bristles, we make visible what is normally too fast and too small for the eye. Open communication with the dental experts on the client side supported the process enormously.

Conception 110 | Production Pascal Apostol | Art Direction Dominik Ruckli | Animation Dominik Ruckli, Roman Frei | 3D-Renderings Dominik Ruckli, Roman Frei | Grafic-Design Dominik Ruckli

Motion Design
Graphic Design
Sound Design