Energy Air

Event Branding


The Energy Air music event takes place every year in Bern. It offers musical entertainment with well-known pop stars from all over Switzerland. We were commissioned to redesign the event’s rather old visual appearance. The recognition factors – the colour scheme and soap bubbles as the main element – were to be retained. The project encompassed the development of a new look and feel, as well as the creation of various elements for preparing communication resources and show content.


To achieve the fresh and light image desired by the client, we opted for modern 3D illustrations rendered in a high-gloss finish. We designed a range of bubbles, wind and cloud elements that dance around and interact with each other, perfectly combined to create an appealing overall look. These properties allow the elements to be used statically for print media as well as in videos for ads and stage shows.

Production Dominik Ruckli | Motion-Design Dominik Ruckli, Luca Struchen, Benjamin Lüthold

Energy Air
Motion Design
Graphic Design