TV Commercial


The Swiss technical school TEKO offers people education in the fields of technology, economy and trade. We were given the task to place TEKO as a unique provider in the large market of educational offers. This gave rise to the idea of an "action-packed" advertising film.


The first phase of the film is connected in terms of content and style with keywords such as "hopelessness" or "daily grind". The lack of perspective in a hopeless job, completely removed from exciting current developments, and the resulting urgency to do something about it. But how? Then the answer follows with a literal bang and at the same time light and color come back into the picture. Leading all colors, of course, is the gaudy TEKO pink. We stage the "rescue" of the protagonist like in an action movie, in deliberately completely exaggerated aesthetics including slow motion and paper whirling around. The rescuer is young, energetic - good-looking, but professional. She knows her craft, obviously hasn't been doing it since yesterday, and radiates a confidence that is also transferred to the protagonist. So he takes her hand, knowing that he is in good hands and in the right place with her (i.e. with TEKO). TEKO rescues you - from a job situation without prospects, from boredom.

Conception 110 | Production Alina Benz, Pascal Apostol | Regie Roman Frei | Camera Yannick Rössli | Grid Luca Schwarz | Set-Design Corinne Setschi, Pascal Apostol | Runner Jaël Zimmermann |Edit Yannick Rössli, Luca Schwarz, Luca Starace | Motion-Design Roman Frei

Motion Design
VFX & Compositing