Feldschlösschen Yodel Friends

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Feldschlösschen brewery is the largest brewery in Switzerland. For the Swiss yodel festival, the brewery created its own flip-top bottle beer and contacted us with the idea of an advertising video for the special beer. The client’s idea was to combine yodellers and beer in a musical arrangement.


We developed this idea and created a concept for an extraordinary composition with product-related, unconventional instruments – such as beer bottles, glasses and cans, supported by yodellers and alphorn players. We approached our partner TERTIUS sounds to compose the music, who created a composition based on the Feldschlösschen melody. Two yodelling clubs, the Bottle Blowers from Denmark and a professional glass musician were on hand for the production.

Production Maurin Crameri | Regie Maurin Crameri, Philip Meyer | Camera Luzius Müller | Edit Philip Meyer, Maurin Crameri | VFX Dominik Ruckli

VFX & Compositing
Sound Design