Swisscom Gaming

Motion Branding


The different worlds from the Swisscom Gaming universe were to be combined with a new audiovisual concept. Depending on where you are in the universe, the appearance differs in certain aspects. The universe consists of the Swisscom Hero League, general communication on the topic of gaming and various smaller formats. The latter included the talk format "Level," where well-known personalities from the gamer world meet their counterparts in the analog world.


For the cross-world recognition, we decided on a play of shapes consisting of wireframes and voxels (pixels in 3D). These two elements are the basic building blocks of almost all video games today. They lent themselves well to creating a digitally glowing world with a slight 80's cyberpunk flavor. A different perspective concept, as well as the use of secondary elements adapted to each world, created the individual character of every world. For the Hero League, dynamic wide-angle perspectives and skyscrapers built from the basic elements created the feeling of an entire "cybercity". For the general gaming world, on the other hand, a more 2D-looking mini-world was created, reminiscent of old arcade games. Typography and color were derived from the global Swisscom branding.

Art-Direction Dominik Ruckli | Motion-Design Dominik Ruckli

Motion Design
Graphic Design