Swiss Nightlife Award

Event Branding


Every year, the Swiss Nightlife Award honours Switzerland’s best clubs, events and DJs. Over five years, our task was to reinvent the show audiovisually each time and accompany the show with the right visuals and music. The owl logo and hexagon were key elements of the content, serving as recognition factors. Considering these parameters, the show content aimed at reflecting the spirit and character of Switzerland’s nightlife.


For us, the most important factor was to offer viewers a completely new experience each year. We therefore applied more and more new techniques and design styles. These encompassed 2D motion design, 3D rendering, storytelling on film and exciting macro shots as well as experimental special effects. To reflect the spirit and feeling of Swiss nightlife, we combined the dark and mystical undertone with wild, contrasting imagery, refining this interplay with a certain touch of glamour.

Production Philip Meyer, Dominik Ruckli | Regie Philip Meyer, Dominik Ruckli | Camera Luzius Müller, Jonas Schürmann | Post-Production Philip Meyer, Dominik Ruckli, Jonas Schürmann

Motion Design
Sound Design