Showroom Teaser


In 2020, the company Sigmatic, which is active in the field of heating, solar and air conditioning systems as well as building automation, approached us with the request to develop a showroom at their headquarters in Sursee. Together with the architectural office Hunkeler & Partner as well as with our partners VRFX Realtime Studio, Auviso and Tertius Audioproduktion we designed this promising space within one year. Our biggest challenge was to elicit the appropriate components and develop them into an easy-to-use and adaptable system that will provide a unique customer experience for years to come.


The customer is guided through the showroom by a guide. Starting with a film about the history of Sigmatic, this is immediately followed by an audiovisual experience on a 47m2 screen. With the help of a tablet, the guide can present the products on three large screens. The customer can manage the content on the complete system himself.

- 18 tons of steel
- 3'800 meters of cable
- 45 spots
- Screen, 47m2
- 4 beamers
- 6 screens
- 7 speakers

Production Pascal Apostol | Art Direction Maurin Crameri | Regie Luca Starace | DOP Luca Schwarz, Lisa Emmenegger | Post-Production Luca Schwarz, Luca Starace | Animation Roman Frei | Runner Alan Bossart | Color Grading Lisa Emmenegger | Sound Design Tertius Sounds

Sigmatic AG
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System Integration
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