Schindler Communication

Corporate Communication

Another area in which we help Schindler as a partner is the internal communication of special events or messages. Here, it’s essential to ensure that the mediators and their message are taken seriously with a confident and credible appearance. Thanks to our complete in-house production, we always find the right solution as a flexible partner.

In order to do justice to the values of Schindler in their films, we collaborated to create a film corporate identity. This will also serve as a reference for future projects and simplify our work and communication with Schindler.

Production Pascal Apostol, Maurin Crameri, Dominik Ruckli, Alina Benz | Regie Maurin Crameri, Roman Frei | Camera Roman Frei, Luca Schwarz, Lukas Schaller, Luzius Müller | Post-Production Luca Schwarz, Maurin Crameri | Motion-Design Dominik Ruckli, Roman Frei, Elia Salvisberg

Motion Design
Sound Design