Schindler City Center



Schindler has built a modern visitor center at its headquarters in Ebikon. It contains several exhibits and installations, which are filled with different content. The installations were developed in cooperation with several parties and partners. Our contribution was the installation of the exhibit "Cityscape", where we had to face several challenges. Vertically moving screens over several floors were to tell a story. An immersive visitor experience simulating the urban mobility of millions of users around the world is to show the world of Schindler.

By precisely matching the moving screens with the appropriate content, an interplay of technology and narration was created. The moving image content was produced by us on five continents in 17 different countries and provided plenty of material for the installation. More details can be found in our work under the project "Schindler Worldwide". The Cityscape is one of 15 exhibits of the Schindler City Center.

Production Maurin Crameri, Simon End | Regie Maurin Crameri | Camera Yannick Rössli, Nando Lüscher, Lukas Schaller, Luca Schwarz | Edit Yannick Rössli, Luca Schwarz, Nando Lüscher

VFX & Compositing