Schindler Worldwide

Global Brand Communication


Schindler is an internationally leading provider for lifts, escalators and moving walkways as well as for their maintenance. We have been working with Schindler as partners for a while now, supporting the company with audiovisual content in external brand communication. This includes conveying the globally superior Schindler product quality in an audiovisual manner. Here we were able to film at many different company locations around the world. Filming in constantly changing national settings posed a particular challenge in this process.


To show the internationality of Schindler, we filmed on all five continents and in 17 countries – at around 40 Schindler locations. The meticulous plans covered all possible disruptive factors during filming, such as poor weather, as well as preparing a worst-case scenario with a corresponding solution. We were therefore always prepared for anything unexpected. The result of this ongoing production is an extensive media library that is already being used for current projects and will be available for future campaigns.

Production Simon End | Regie Maurin Crameri, Simon End | Camera Luca Schwarz, Yannick Röösli, Lukas Schaller, Jonas Schürmann, Alina Benz, Elia Salvisberg | Post-Production Yannick Röösli, Lukas Schaller, Luca Schwarz, Elia Salvisberg