Medical Business

Image & Product Communication


Various international companies based in Taiwan are working at the cutting edge of digitalised IT solutions in the medical sector. They turned to us to create product ads. The aim was to represent the international connectivity and showcase individual products to customers using film media.

To visualise the complex technologies and present them clearly to an audience without specialist expertise, a real world was created in parallel with the digital technology world and combined with a story. With the help of the tangible, real world, the essential aspects of the technology could therefore be shown.

Production Pascal Apostol, Alina Benz, Maurin Crameri | Regie Maurin Crameri, Dominik Ruckli | Camera Jonas Schürmann, Luca Schwarz | Post-Production Maurin Crameri, Luca Schwarz | Motion-Design Dominik Ruckli, Roman Frei