Lucerne Tourism

Image & Promotional Film


Luzern Tourismus AG is the first point of contact for any tourist or traveller who wants to find out the best destinations in one of the most beautiful regions in Switzerland.

We were commissioned to portray Lucerne as an attractive destination in a range of videos. In addition, we had to support ongoing campaigns and provide filming support as well as audiovisual content for expanded distribution on social media or on in-house screens.


After carefully analysing the target groups, their preferences and interests, we created films tailored to individual profiles which highlighted the attractiveness of Lucerne as a city and region, with all the leisure and sports activities available.

Production Pascal Apostol, Luca Schwarz | Regie Luca Schwarz, Nando Lüscher, Maurin Crameri | Camera Luca Schwarz, Yannick Röösli, Elmar Bossard, Lukas Schaller, Jonas Schürmann | Post-Production Luca Schwarz, Nando Lüscher, Yannick Röösli, Lukas Ettlin