Leica - 200YRS SWISS GEO X

Anniversary Film


To mark the 200th year anniversary of Geomatik Switzerland, the agency Velvet commissioned us with producing a film for the anniversary landing page. The film needed to appeal to a young audience and inspire budding geomaticians for the profession. It also had to serve as an eye-catcher for attracting visitors to the homepage and encourage them to explore the website.


Using the trendy sport parkour, we were able to create an exciting connection in film between geomatics and its applications as well as appeal directly to the desired target group.

Production Pascal Apostol, Alina Benz | Regie Maurin Crameri | Camera Yannick Röösli, Lukas Schaller, Luca Schwarz | Post-Production Nando Lüscher, Maurin Crameri, Lukas Schaller, Roman Frei | Motion-Design Dominik Ruckli

Motion Design