Product Communication

Bekon-Koralle AG, based in Dagermesellen (LU), is a specialist in flexible shower systems and has been for over 40 years. The company produces in Switzerland and maintains a high standard of quality and design. Through far-sighted innovations, Koralle creates a unique shower experience for its customers and makes cleaning the products particularly easy.


Koralle approached us with the need to refresh their entire moving image communication as part of their new products. The communication had to be positive across the board. In the case of the shower guard glass product, which has a special protective layer that makes it less susceptible to limescale, we wanted to portray limescale not as a problem, but as a normal side effect that can be counteracted with simple cleaning. By using lime rocks and lime chalk, we gave lime a friendly face, and by comparing it directly with a conventional shower wall, we were able to demonstrate how easy it is to clean. The fact that the shower walls from Koralle are particularly safe was impressively demonstrated by a pendulum impact test on film and without broken glass. We are very pleased that we can continue to advise Koralle on the optimal use of moving images in their communication.

Production Alina Benz, Samuel Zihlmann | Regie Maurin Crameri | Art Direction Maurin Crameri, Dominik Ruckli | Camera Lukas Schaller, Luca Schwarz, Nando Lüscher | Grip Luca Starace | Post-Production Luca Starace, Roman Frei, Nando Lüscher | Motion Design Elia Salvisberg, Dominik Ruckli

Motion Design