Kinderleicht - In-Stream Ads


Shooting with children as protagonists is always an exciting task: The biggest challenge is to leave enough room for the naturalness of the young protagonists and still keep to the shooting schedule. For Concordia, we shot a whole day together with nine kids aged 7 to 13.

The goal: To draw the attention of the widest possible audience to specific insurance services through short in-stream ads. These include franchise optimization, dental insurance, fitness contributions, pregnancy and parenthood, rooming-in, and free health advice.


We did the shoot at a Smallfoot daycare center. The child-friendly environment created a relaxed atmosphere on set, not only for the young protagonists but also for us. Through pointed statements by the little experts and a creative editing concept, the dry insurance terms were given a charming learning effect.

Produktion Pascal Apostol | Regie Simon End | Kamera Luca Starace | Kamera Assistant Lisa Emmenegger | Post-Production Luca Starace, Lisa Emmenegger | Color Grading Mustafa Sert | Audio Mastering Tertius

Sound Design