Imagefilm - Solidarity


Solidarity starts with the little ones. With the thought for each other and with each other we accompanied Gian and Markus on their common ski day - one sitting, the other standing.


The documentary style allowed us to respond to spontaneous actions. Instead of filming shot after shot according to a script, we accompanied the two of them on what was for them a completely normal day on the slopes. We were able to witness the hurdles they overcame together and where they had the most fun. In this, solidarity is most evident through the appreciation of their friendship.

Production Pascal Apostol | Director Simon End | Camera Nando Lüscher | Camera Assistant Luca Starace | Post-Production Luca Starace | VFX & Compositing Roman Frei | Color Grading Mustafa Sert | Audio Mastering Tertius

Graphic Design
VFX & Compositing
Sound Design